Raft Building

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delphi raft buildingRaft Building at Delphi Adventure Resort

Great for families and groups, this teamworking activity is sure to bring out your competitive side. It’s pretty straightforward: plan, build and sail your vessel on the majestic Killary fjord.  Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well… building a craft that floats isn’t as easy as it looks! You’ll be given all the required equipment you need – and when you’re done, it’s time to put it to the test in a race against other teams on the water. Will you sink or sail? For booking details and all other information see our website.

Website: www.delphiadventureresort.com     e-mail: bookings@delphiadventureresort.com     Phone: +353 (0)95 42208

killary raft buildingRaft Building at Killary Adventure Centre

This is a really great team activity where planning and building skills are just as important as your ability to paddle your raft. A good choice for a mixed fitness group as not everyone needs to go in the water or be physically fit to take part. Suitable for all those aged 8 years and over. This is a group activity but if you are on your own we can often put you with others to make a group. Popular with schools and youth groups, families, groups of friends and corporate groups. Those who want to man the raft will be given a wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmet, while the rest of the group will be involved in building the raft from barrels, ropes and planks. Once the raft is made you will launch it and attempt to paddle it around a buoy in a race against the opposing teams. See our website for more details.

Website: www.killaryadventure.com     e-mail: adventure@killary.com    Phone: +353 (0)95 43411